The Nostalphoniker are six young musicians (five male singers and a pianist) based in Munich, Germany. Ever since their first concert in 2003, the members have dedicated themselves to music in their own ways: by studying singing, as professional singers in Opera & Concert and with the Bavarian Broadcasting Choir, or by teaching at the University of Munich. United as a group on stage, they are continuing their work with unbroken joy and enthusiasm.


The symbiosis of ambitious musical work and a playful ease of entertainment has proven the key to their success. Their repertoire includes, to name a few, the hits of the Comedian Harmonists and the Swing Era, Italian canzoni, international oldies, and classical music. Most of the songs they perform are their own arrangements and are combined on stage with electrifying choreography.

Their shows are charmingly presented with witty original text, taking the audience on a trip filled with joy, amazement, and certainly a great deal of laughter.

An evening with the Nostalphoniker: fast-paced with a dash of irony and captivating for every audience!

In addition to the ensemble's busy schedule in Germany, they have toured in Egypt, Russia, Poland, Spain, Japan, and America. As guest artists, they have performed twice aboard the cruise ship MS Europa 2, made appearances at the annual festival night of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, and have even performed at the legendary Maxim's in Paris.

Considerable media attention, spanning a spectrum from radio shows to live appearances on German, Russian, and Japanese TV confirms the international influence of the Nostalphoniker vocal ensemble.

The Nostalphoniker are proud representatives of the quality work of Regent Tailor, recipients of a generous sponsorship by Falke Socks, and partners in collaboration with AMBA-Hair.