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Concert Program “Tribute To The Comedian Harmonists”


The concert program “Tribute to the Comedian Harmonists” is not just about the music of the Comedian Harmonists, but also vividly documents the history of the ensemble's final days. This piece's conception was facilitated by the Nostalphoniker's unprecedented access to previously unpublished archival material.

In 1934, the Comedian Harmonists made their last appearance on stage before the ensemble's performance ban due to its three Jewish members. In those difficult times, the concert agency Gensberger was one of the ensemble's few remaining courageous supporters. As late as March 1934, when many German citizens were caught up in the horrible Zeitgeist of the Nazi era, the concert agency organized a tour through Bavaria called “Die Comedian Harmonists singen.”

In this special evening performance, the Nostalphoniker include readings from original correspondence between the Comedian Harmonists and the Gensberger agency, showing what it meant to be an artist of Jewish origin in Germany of the 1930s. The audience gets an insight into the difficulties faced by the Comedian Harmonists under a repressive regime. The readings are juxtaposed with cheerful songs and dynamic choreography, vividly displaying the perilous tension between the political reality of the time and the performative veneer of happy entertainment.

This exceptional concert event has already received over 30 performances and a broad media response through features in German radio (BR), TV (BR and ZDF) and print media (Süddeutsche Zeitung). The Nostalphoniker concert tour through Bavaria in 2016 represented a special highlight, with concerts on the exact same dates and in the same cities 82 years after the last tour of the Comedian Harmonists, under the patronage of Dr. Charlotte Knobloch (president of the Israelite Religious Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria) and HRH Duke Franz of Bavaria.




Recital program Night & Day”


 Over the years, the Nostalphoniker have taken many journeys, from America to Japan, from Egypt to Russia, sailing the Mediterranean, and around Cape Horn.

What remains of these travels is one thing in particular: the travel bug, the longing for the places where day and night miraculously unite, where borders start to dissolve, where mind and senses escape the daily routine. And what better way to conjure up these far-away places than with the music of Cole Porter, the Comedian Harmonists, or Al Bowlly? As the Nostalphoniker set out to discover the world, they invite you to experience a dreamy show in the style of the 1920s.

In their program “Night and Day,” the five singers and their pianist put on their best suits and express their desire to experience the world, whether through show-choreography, slapstick elements, with a wink, or with a good laugh in English, French, Russian, or German.

Between fast-paced performance, ironic ambiguity, or serene tranquility, the Nostalphoniker take their audience on a journey to the place where borders fade between night and day, art and life, between the vastness of the sea and a sip of your sweetheart`s Badewasser (bathwater).





As every decent young man did in the good old days, the Nostalphoniker smarten up, put on their tailcoats and their bow ties, and express their romantic feelings. It's time for serenading! Whether through the songs of the Comedian Harmonists, the famous Lied creations by Franz Schubert, Italian canzone, or the powerful symphonic orchestrations of Rossini or crucial function of music has always been to express adoration of a loved one. The Nostalphoniker – five singers and their pianist – happily respect this tradition! They've put together a repertoire which includes all of these musical eras, taking their audience on a beguiling journey through the mysteries of love: sometimes shy, sometimes wild, tossed between ironic ambiguity and lyrical romanticism. The only problem with doing it in six-part harmony? At the end of the evening, six musicians are five too many!


Enjoy this dapper rooster fight with musical and choreographic highlights and all the romantic spirit of this successful ensemble from Munich!



Show Concepts for your event


3 sets, 20 minutes:

Almost a classical concept, but with this ensemble it's timeless. Embedded in your event's schedule, the Nostalphoniker will provide you with the highlights (for example between the courses of your dinner): a perfect mix of exciting and quiet songs, funny text, and electrifying choreography, all sure to bring a smile to your face. Real entertainment for every audience!


2 sets, 30 minutes:

Six tailcoats, six dapper gentlemen, five brilliant voices, and a virtuoso pianist: the Nostalphoniker will perform a selection of the hits that have charmed many an audience over the past few years. Nothing will be left out on this evening: timeless classics, Italian canzone, an opera overture, and even the melodies of Hollywood. A performance to remember!


1 Set, 45 ~ 60 minutes:

Starting out as a string quintet, ending as a full symphony orchestra – the Nostalphoniker have developed their own unique concert program guaranteed to entertain and captivate. Both musically and scenically, there's something for everybody in this show!